Lotus Technologies is a registered company under the Rayynor Silva Holdings.

Lotus Technologies has been making its digital know-how available to the most renowned media brand in the country, Asia Broadcasting Corporation. We are focused on providing our expertise to media, tourism, luxury goods, beauty, pharmaceutical, entertainment, industry and institutional sectors.

A team of digital specialists provide support to brands with advice on the creation and implementation of communication operations on a national and international scale. Lotus Tech combines the best of local talent with expertise from a global scale and provides web-based solutions in the scale and quality that is not found in Sri Lanka. Our team includes award winning designers, developers and online marketers and brings to the table a diverse set of skills and specialties which includes web development, product design, user experience design and mobile technologies to help your company reach its business goals and keep the users that come to you happy.

We believe great user experience, design thinking and smart use of the web can transform businesses, people and brands. We are passionate about making the web work for you and we are willing to go the distance with you as partners.
Strategy & Advice
Conceiving, orchestrating and deploying interactive plans of action and experiences which generate a lasting relation between the brand and its consumers.
Design-writing & storytelling
Creating value and a preference for the brand by telling a story adapted according to the device.
Data analysis & Monitoring
Developing digital strategies through pragmatic, measurable advice which helps to anticipate situations.
Creative innovation
Placing digital innovation at the heart of the product marketing in order to create lasting brand assets which are useful and entertaining.
UX & Ergonomics
Producing web and mobile interfaces with high added value in order to encourage action by users.
Transmedia creation
Designing and producing actions that can be "digitalized" (event-based, point of sale)
Mobility & Accessibility
Making life easier for users by developing new digital interfaces and interactions when mobile. (Mobile apps, web services, community platforms, sales assistance, etc.)
Digital identity
Extending the brand territory (writing, graphics and editorial charter)

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